Does eSignal have strategy automation? or not???

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by BENKINGSLEY, May 11, 2006.

  1. I can't seem to get a definitive answer by reading their website. Does eSignal have automated trading abilities?

    I am currently using TradeStation & have no complaints-they are great. I am looking into eSignal because they are interfaced with BrightTrading already & I am switching to Bright to have access to 5:1 overnight margin on stocks.

    But, my concern is how well does eSignal automation work? How reliable is the company & it's platform? (based on what I am reading today, sounds like they have some problems) If it is available, is the automation capable of everything that TradeStation is?

  2. I think eSignal can do everything that Tradestation does, if you are fluent with java build EFS language, unlike tradestation where they are spoon feeding non-programmers with huge list of build-in keywords and functions for most trading needs
  3. Thanks for the reply. I myself am not much of a programmer. But, I am sure a programmer can take my existing TradeStation EasyLanguage code & re-write it so that it is functional in eSignal.

    I am still trying to get in contact with someone from eSignal to verify that they have strategy automation for live trading.
  4. esignal will claim that strategies can be automated using its product, but it's not built in.

    Apparently you can program EFS to write trades to IB if you have the broker plugin installed, but I have never heard of anyone doing it.

    You can also use a third party solution like tradebolt to achieve the same thing.

  5. I've heard TradeBolt mention several times through out different threads. They sound great & would work with TradeStation which I currently use and of course TS has automation.

    But, the main question is do they work with any prop firms that provide 5:1 overnight buying power on stocks. That is the only reason I would switch brokers-to go from a retail broker (2:1) vs. a prop firm (5:1)

    Does Genesis have 5:1 overnight leverage????
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    There are methods to automate your trading using eSignal, but it does take some fluency in javaScript and their efs language. Previously, I had used DynaOrder to interface with Interactive Brokers, using various dll commands from within eSignal. However, DynaOrder is no longer a supported interface. I just checked their forum and one of their partners is NinjaTrader, who I believe provides the tools for the automated interface. Here is a link