Does Eric Cantor ever lose any sleep?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RobtF, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. RobtF


    So sure of his simplistic doctrine that he’s willing to throw the entire country into a depression over the notion that growth and jobs cannot take place accompanied by rising tax rates (even minimally).

    Nowhere in the bio of Eric Cantor do I see that he received an Economics degree:
    Eric Cantor was born in Richmond, Virginia. His father owned a real estate firm and was the state treasurer for Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign.[3] Cantor graduated from the Collegiate School in 1981. He enrolled at George Washington University (GW) in 1981, and as a freshman he worked as an intern for House Republican Tom Bliley of Virginia and was Bliley's driver in the 1982 campaign.[4] Cantor was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity while at GW and received his Bachelor of Arts in 1985[5] He earned a Juris Doctor degree from William & Mary Law School in 1988, and received a Master of Science degree from Columbia University in 1989.[2]
    Cantor worked for over a decade with his family's business doing legal work and real estate development.
  2. Where did Obama get his economics degree from?

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  3. Cotton


    Based on your comments, Cantor has more real world business experience than the current President.
  4. Lucrum


    The little girls down the street selling lemonade have more real world business experience than the current President.
  5. RobtF


    He didn't - that's why he so shamelessly gives into the Republicans.
  6. How about you show us some factual data points showing the correlation between increasing taxes and job growth?

    Also, maybe a few testimonials from business owners indicating how they are currently holding off hiring until tax rates increase?
  7. Eight


    Just contacting a bunch of businesses might not be a valid sample to address the issue. They might not know that it's about the tax increases. Small business people only know what their customers are saying and doing. The customers can be fortune 500 outfits that have economists on the staff. They would be the ones looking out to the future to see how their profits were going to be affected by taxes...
  8. Lucrum


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