Does Elite Trader use "Shills?"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 88888accountant, May 24, 2008.

  1. Your opinion. In words if possible, but I polled it anyway "shrug"
  2. yes. i am a shill for assent.

    we have the best platform and the most compettive rates.

    go with the pros, use Anvil.

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    or just visit ET on a regular basis and see all our naysayers slain by the invisible hand that monitors this message board and has posts deleted an a regular basis.

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  3. on a serious note. Puretick has TONS of shills running around.
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    yes, we could use some, any volunteer?
  5. full of shills
  6. Who cares? Dumb money into the market means more $$$ for vets like me. I never understand why people care if shills or whatever you want to call them are around. Since when did successful traders have morals when it comes to their biz? Anyone who wants to trade should do their own DD and if they dont, its their fucking fault. Once you get to a certain level, you know what it took to get there and would wish nothing less on anyone else who wants to make it too.

    On another note, as far as ET is concerned, if you "pay to play" then promoters should be allowed to promote their product. This is a site that stays active BECAUSE of its paid sponsors after all.
  7. Must be a secret ballot, how do I vote, telepathy?
  8. cabletrader is obviously a shill for telepathy :p
  9. He really is telepathic. He showed me statements.

    What's up cable?

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    you are darker than I thought :D
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