Does DTN.IQ or iqfeed provide premarket

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by eltr, Mar 26, 2004.

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    or after maket data? I am not able to find a way to show those data, I am wondering if it supports pre- and after market.
  2. the real-time quotes do have pre/post market data. Historical intraday data does not have it though.
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    I see, but I still can't make times&sales or charts show those data.
  4. I know the datafeed supports it but due to various exchange regulations, EH LAST is sent in a different field from the regular LAST. QuoteTracker does read it and display it on the charts. Other software may not. Which program are you using to access IQFeed?

    Jerry Medved
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  6. Not sure what the option is in their software. May want to contact them by phone or chat. I am sure that they have it though, since they do have it in the datafeed.