Does CSCO still matter anymore?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by turkeyneck, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. The media still thinks it's 1998?
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    when people want to be bullish anything is an excuse
  3. All I know is that I despise Cisco for their stupid advertising campaigns showing smiling third world children and playing god-awful Americanized third world music.
  4. considering that it's in the top 6 weight contributors to the nasdaq 100, I would think that would have some impact (regardless of whether they are hot or not).
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    since Cisco's business is heavily influenced by IT spending, it is considered a bellwether for the technology sector. i don't think its earnings matter to say, McDonalds or Walmart, but it does for chip, software, computer, etc companeis.

  6. Absolutely
  7. I'm just looking at the YTD on CSCO. And I bet it opens around 24.30, and tanks somewhere to 23 before coming back after a couple days...if they're lucky.

    Chart is going from Top Left to bottom right. Bear Market rally.
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    I think CSCO actually matter a lot more now than a few years ago. It certianly doesn't have the effect it had back in the boom, but I think it was responsible for rallying the Nas today.
  9. i bought before earnings as i stated in a previous thread i am very happy now.
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    Or when the masses have gotten too bearish . . .

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