Does Cramer sleep well at night?

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  1. Knowing how many sheep have been led to the slaughter house with his wrong way calls? :D
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    I haven't watched his show lately.

    Has he made a bunch of horrendous calls?
  3. Yes, on a daily basis. That guy is a reliable fade. :D
  4. here is all you need to know about cramer. even with his ability to constantly pump his picks on cnbc, real money and mad money, his aa portfolio is down 3.92% for the year as of today.
    the only good trader on real money is rev. his portfolio is up 35% for the year.
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    he sleeps upside down like a bat
  6. I started watching CNBC around 1996...
    And Cramer was a guest about once a week...
    And Jim Rogers was a guest about once a week.

    Both guys presented themselves as serious money managers...
    And both stood out as men who "think outside the box".

    I prefer to remember Cramer as he once was...
    Before he sold his soul to the Devil.
    There's a bunch of Booyah porn sites...
    So I wonder if Cramer is continuing to move further into vice.

    Appararently there's a stag film circulating with Jim and Paris Hilton...
    So his stock tips seem to be working for him, anyway.
  7. What kinds of position does Rev put on for the portfolio?

    Just curious.

    How are Cody's picks? When I used to subscribe to RM, he seemed over his head. He's still there, so I must have underestimated him.
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    why wouldn't he sleep well at night?

    he had the money.
    he now had 'adulation' from the masses, and is a breakout star for cnbc.

    and his general strategies are very good.

    unfortunately, and i've said this for a long time, when he does a 'now this is different, and here's why' - finally succumbing - it marks tops / bottoms. the latest one was on cnbc where he said you had to ONLY put it in materials / minerals, basically marking a huge top.

    you could probably say the same for the 'bric' stocks.

    his stock picking longer term has never been anything special - 5 years of action alerts should conclusively prove that.

    having said that, the show is either wildly entertaining or infuriatingly irritating (that's from people who have seen me watching it). and i watch it because i make money fading his 'next big thing' stocks.
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    What happened to the thread, "Making money with Jim Cramer" (or something) here?
  10. Cramer gots the mooooonieeee....its amazing how much....

    I do not trade Cramers calls or fade them. I see his show in passing, and according to my frame of mind, it can be enjoyable...or embarrassing, mostly emabarrassing no matter how hard I look.
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