Does Cramer move the market?

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  1. I have just recently watched an episode of Cramer's Mad Money. I have yet to get through a whole episode because I feel like I am watching the WWE. However today I noted that two of the stocks he mentioned started scrolling through on the CNBC ticker. I then went a pulled them up on a quick and dirty chart and noticed one was up a dollar from where it closed. So it looks like Cramer is moving the stocks in the aftermarket based on his show. I was amazed because it was just like the old days of cramer on cnbc.

    For the avid watchers of his show does this happen on every show where the stock pick he mentions instantly moves that stock in the post market trading.
  2. i trade his show everynight. you saw what he just did to SHPGY? :)

    if you're quick on the trigger, you can get a couple nice scalps everynight.
  3. Thanks for the info. Yea that was the stock I was thinking about that I just saw roll across the screen. Did you catch any of that? Do you notice if the stock starts moving now before he talks about it, like someone knows which one he is going to talk about before he starts?
  4. Wow this show is crazy. This is the longest I have watched the show before.
  5. i hava e*trade squawk box and sometimes they give a heads-up on what he's gonna talk about during the day.

    SHPGY shot up too fast, but i did catch PSYS and MSO.
  6. they almost always fade after the spike, tho, so it's usually a better short (if your broker has shares available).
  7. Wow that is funny this still happens. Good trading to you. If the dumb money is handing it out you are smart to take it.
  8. The market is no where near a momentum trade as it was in the bubble days. Back in the '80's, it was this kind of trading - dull and boring.

    Wall Street needs a loud mouth to entertain the masses and move stocks. Cramer fits that mold. Sort of how Dan Dorfman did.

    Ever see a street barker trying to lure men into a strip show?

    You get the picture.
  9. But not smart enough to keep quiet about it.

    Your edge is extremely small because of the low after hours volume.

    Never give an edge away for free, it's common sense.
  10. I heard it's mostly odd lots moving these stocks afterhours.

    What I'm more curious about is how some of these stocks gap up the next day on volume and trade in a tight choppy range. Seems like way too many faders, sometimes they keep chopping up for days to come and sometimes they actually fade after a few days. The towers from a couple months ago did this, I observed all of the 4 he mentioned.
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