Does CNBC help with your trading or not?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bat1, May 28, 2009.

  1. bat1


    I watch it with no volume....

    the ticker is nice that's about it....
  2. Lucrum



    But some of the babes are easy on the eyes.
  3. Bullet


    I find more value in the little presents the neighborhood dogs leave in my front yard....
  4. Don't watch it anymore. It killed my TV.
  5. rickf


    Nope. Too damn distracting.

    If you absolutely must 'watch' it, then just 'watch' it -- put it on mute, avoid the market commentaries and idiotic sound effects and incompetent punditry (*cough* Neale). Don't 'listen' to it. And if CNBC runs any more than 3 people on a screen @ one time, immediately switch to the Weather Channel - you'll get more useful trading advice there, trust me. Remember, CNBC is now basing most of its programming on opinion and conflict to pander to the amateur viewer with an interest in news.

    Frankly if you want what I find to be generally useful financial news, analysis of possible investment/trading ideas presented in a low-key fashion, head to Bloomberg. I like my business news boring, not glitzy and full of special effects and on-air screaming matches.
  6. Yes it does;when other traders watch, and unknowingly develop a bias.

    World events and calendar with no spin only.

    I don't watch tv and have learned over the years how to filter information.

    Analysts are mostly a fade. Aside from that, no noise, just my charts.
  7. At one point a few years back, whilst admittedly very bored, I actually tried fading every 'expert' opinion on CNBC for a week (small bets) to see if I made any money.

    Gave up after only a few hours though because I couldn't hack listening to all the banale bullsh*t they were spouting.
  8. Kovacs


    I watch it strictly for the anchors: Quick, Burnett, Francis, Regan, Lee, Brennan.

  9. Same here, but will turn the volume up when Santelli comes on.
  10. Unless you are a news trader, its a complete waste of time. Occasionally CNBC will break news and if you are the kind of trader who hawks over a Bloomie, then CNBC can be useful.

    Otherwise not

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