DOES Chipotle offer stock options for the $8.00HR cashier position????

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I really need to know. IF I can get a job at Chipotle at $8.00 for a few years and be able to get some stock options while working for the company, it seems you can become the ultimate millionaire working as a cashier for a company whose stock only goes up, up and up.

    By the way I have never even stepped foot into this franchise to eat that food, to me its like an up SCALE taco bell!!!!!!
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    why dont' you just buy some CMG?

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    I think you should take a double shift there. :D
  4. McDonald's turned it's investment from $360 million to $1.5 billion and they stepped out in 2006 leaving some money on the table!
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    I remember they had a pretty hefty amount in this company.
  6. Chipotle isn't a bad option as far as fast food goes, a pretty sterile environment is the first thing that comes to mind. What they could really improve on are the god awful acoustics of the place. You can be sitting at the other end of the restaurant and hear some guy drop a pan in the kitchen and your ears will be ringing.

    I'm convinced that they purposely built the restaurants for maximum noise and annoyance to kill any loitering issues. Nobody hangs out in that place to kill time, you literally can't carry a conversation with most of the noise.
  7. spd


    Your loss. You cant even compare Chipotle to Taco Bell.
  8. I don't patronize shitholes like that. Anyone that does deserves the indignities.
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    The CEO sold 80K shares around $158 in early September when it broke out to new highs. Only left about $4,000,000 on the table (so far). Maybe you could get a job explaining to the insiders that a price breakout to new highs is a buy signal, not a sell signal. :p
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    wow cant believe S2007S...

    any stock which goes up $5 u start bashing that stock. u create new thread and start bashing how stock is so over valued and what not....

    same thing u did when PCLN was $285, now $370 ..NFLX $125 , now $170 ...AAPL @ 250 now 310 and list goes on n on n on

    do u ever trade anything or getting paid for posting bearish stuff on ET?
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