Does Britain Need a Star Chamber?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by morganist, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. 1) Could it "work"? Of course! :D
    2) The problem will be who gets to be a "star" and make decisions to murder "bad people" with no consequences. :eek:
  2. Nobody said anything about murder.
  3. 1) You seem more interested in legal minutia and sillyness. :(
    2) My "idea" of the star chamber more closely resembles the movie with Michael Douglas from the early-1980's. :D :eek:
  4. All I am suggesting is a court that is able to deal with an elite that seem above the law. Is that something that is wrong?
  5. It is very easy for the elite to out manouver the system here in the US or any other country iin the world. Having a "Star Chamber " would only keep them in check. Extra judicary measures would ensure that accountabilty and the onus could be given without warning. As far as the current legality buried in old law books the more than likely is somethings already written.
    I was watching anold moive the other day "Zardoz" which had a "Star Chamber " like court system that hadled the overlords. It was not very effective.
    Any society that has a ruling class that does not self manage will go the way of Rome. The US is not in such a position. Gross misconduct by the elite class here is not on the scale of some of the BRIC nations. The US in is a extended period of stagflation and will be for the next 20 - 30 years no matter how much QE is thrown at the system.