Does Bright have an intership program?

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  1. just wondering if bright has a internship program..i heard someone say it did...don i think u should know...please explain it to me if they do have one
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    However, I would recommend someone else who is looking to hire college kids right now. PM me and I'll give you his contact info.
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    Check out Worldco first. They offer a better deal for those w/ 0 or very little capital.
  4. don could u tell me about the bright internship?
  5. We have actual college internship programs at several schools across the Country (BYU, USC, Florida State, and many others).

    Upon completion of that program, then traders are selected to trade with little or no capital contribution. They get 3 or 4 units for the program as well.

    The "no capital" programs offered by some other firms (less and less it seems), simply have not proven themselves of much value to the trader or the firm. We have seen the fallout over the last couple of years, and it's getting worse.

    If you're a good trader, then start your trading business with some capital, as you would in any other business. Better to have a chance for success that way than giving away your profits to the firm in the form of profit sharing or higher costs...(there is no "free lunch')....

    Our firm simply wants the more independent, success orientated types of traders....and you know who you are!!

    We have special programs available in Las Vegas as well (lower cash). We also have many 'traders backing traders" in different offices.

  6. do u have program at Iowa state university?? that is where i am at..
  7. We could set one up there. Call me in the office next week, or drop me a private email. Give me a contact person at the school, and I can have one of my interns take care of it.

    Don Bright
  8. don i prevate messaged you but it said ur box was to full..imagine that haha...but heres what i messaged you...

    hey don
    just regarding the internship..i still have 2-3 yrs of college left..and trading is my dream..but i like to accomplish im finishing college before i am going to trade fulltime...but u wanted me to contact soemone at my collge and telll you who to u could set up internship..but right now its not a big deal..but i would like to know what it all consists of....could u explain it all to me i have a good understanding of the internship..thanks!!
  9. Much like any other internship program put on by IBM or anyone else....once we have qualified (we started in the late 1990's) for these programs, then it is relatively easy to be accepted, give out 3 or 4 units of study, and go to work.

  10. so basically...i go to a office in the summer...with out any deposit i trade stocks and u guys teach me the ropes????
    im sorry don i know how the internship stuff works...but your going to have to explain what im going to have to do...during the summer are u going to teach me trading techs...are u going to sponser me for my 7???.....explain please...what all does this internship conist of???
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