'Does brain training really work ?'

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Wallace, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Eight


    I had my own brain training experiment going at one time.. after two decades of smoking dope and drinking beer, the military, truck driving, etc.. I signed up for college courses.. first semester: at the end of it I had no clue what that lady had been talking about regarding statistics but I knew that I absolutely loved it when she pranced around up there in a quasi see through dress like she did sometimes on the hot summer nights... by the end of the third semester I was still taking Statistics 1A but I was acing it and I could put together a paragraph for the English teacher... I burned out after a few more semesters though...
  2. Lethn


    6. How do you know they are not simply good at doing puzzles or improving on them as opposed to their brain actually reacting positively to it?

    It's just like freaking IQ tests in my opinion and actually sod that, tests in general. People are good at different things and you can't just do one test or claim one singular experiment can immediately show a persons' skill set or ability or way of thinking.
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    Try eating a half gram of mushrooms and popping two tabs of chocholate chip. Your brain will be in the best shape of your life after that.
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    So you saw your IQ test results and you are jealous... whatever...
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    chocolate chips? havent heard any mention of those in at least 10 years