Does belief in God make man obsolete?

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  1. Discuss.

  2. I don't know about obsolete

    but man is worthless with or without God


    there is difference between useless and worthless

    worthless means the object or subject has little value

    where as

    useless means the object or subject is of little use


    just because some humans are useful doesn't mean they are not worthless, all humans are worthless, fuck humans and humanity
  3. Don't know if it does, or has, but I believe it can and most likely will.
  4. Descartes would argue that it makes man central, no?

    (Even if he's wrong in his beliefs)

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  5. Yes, the belief in a certain type of god does tend to make man central. The god-of-this-world god is just such a god. This is the god who makes man, and makes him king and/or karetaker of kreation. Most believers believe in this type of god. The derivative benefits are logical. It validates the existence of the believer, and offers him hope of a better existence relative to behavioral modification. It offers him the hope of vengeance upon his enemies. It offers a believer special status.

    I give you five stars.

  6. If it did, would such a God likely be popular among men?
  7. Could a man who informed men of their valuelessness have value? If so, how? Or, if not, why not?
  8. Among the survivors, yes.

    Man needs something, or someone to blame, and justify their actions on.

    It's less painful that way.
  9. just becuase someone calls others worthless, doesn't mean he himself isn't worthless

    one doesn't need to be of value (in existence or attribute) in order to understand that others are worthless, you don't have to be rich to realize who is poor and who is not
  10. it's just that poor people don't want to admit the fucking painful life they are living, and so deny the importance of the fact that they are poor, or they deny that they are poor altogether
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