Does anyone watch Alias?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by goldenarm, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. Next to "24" and "Sopranos", it's the only other show I watch regularly! What a kickass hottie!!
  2. rs7


    She looks like my wife a little....except younger, and my wife NEVER had a body like that....not many do!

    Haven't watched the show lately. Thought it was getting a bit too predictable...a little "cartoonish" if you know what I mean. "The Agency" is worth a look. Some really good stuff and they have evolved the show a lot. Changes in the cast have really helped it. We must have pretty much the same tastes overall, because the only non sports, non news stuff I watch is Sopranos, 24, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Agency (sometimes) and CSI if I happen to catch it. I never seem to know when stuff is on, other than Sunday's HBO lineup, and Tuesday for "24".

    Signs of a holiday trading environment. This is my second post on a second thread today having to do with TV. Should pack it in and go play golf!!

  3. 24 rules

    "you need to hear me loud and clear. if a bomb goes off today, it will hurt us..but it will destroy YOU." - palmer