does anyone wanna share the ts platform with me?

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  1. Now I live in shanghai China

    I only trade hsi index and the trade time is between 01:00-

    07:00 GMT

    I do not wanna pay more money for ts platform

    if you r interested,you can contact me

    I will pay you 125 dollars monthly with paypal
  2. tradestation is only $99, free if you do 10 round trips on futures, so why would you pay $125....?

  3. it has two types client for ts

    brokage client and non brokage client

    if you rent the platform seperatly ,it will be 250 dollars
  4. ouch $250.... forgot they rip off non =-brokerage clients..
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    Excuse me for being dumb, but what is it about the TS platform that is not available through any other platform?

    You also have to pay exchange fees for RT data. Hmmm, maybe there is an equal, less expensive platform/feed combo?
  6. I hope so

    I use IB tws as data feed

    so I do not have to pay for the rt data

    maybe there is another combination

    I just pay 50 dollars for the account which allows me to log in

    the forum of TS
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    Where can one pay for the access to the TS forum ?

    Is this one-time fee or monthly fee ?


  9. It's a valid question. With IB, you've got to build your own trading platform....there is no programmability with've got to use C#, Java, VB, or (shudder) C++ and their dreaded, warty API. It will take you 10x as long to build a trading system with backtesting compared to building one in Tradestation with Easy Language.
    I've done both, so I can speak from experience.
    Bottomline: do you want to be trading or programming ?
  10. Are you getting real time HSI data through tradestation?
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