Does anyone use ZLT (zeroline trader)?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by surfer25, May 5, 2011.

  1. Just wondering. I've looked at the user forum and it seems completely neglected. If you post a question to the forum, it needs to be approved by the moderator, but the moderator never approves any posts. My guess is that the moderator never even looks at them. I've experimented with the program and it seems as though it has some good qualities.
  2. zltrader


    We will catch up on the monitoring and processing the posts in the forum.

    At the same time, we response to the support emails within 24 hours. Feel free to contact if you have urgent issues.

    Thanks for bring up this to our attention.

  3. Support via e-mail that has a 24 hour lag is extremely frustrating to the users because it often takes a few e-mails and responses for support to actually understand the problem and then the answer is often not complete even after that. To get a truly helpful response to a difficult question often takes several days at that pace.

    That’s why it’s so important to have a working forum that is moderated effectively. Frankly, there is no good reason to require that posts be approved prior to being posted. There are lots of easy ways to prevent spam on forums, and if some does get through, it is simple to remove it. If there is an efficiently working forum, a lot of support can be done by other users. Also, the answers to many questions that would otherwise be e-mailed to support can be found on the forum, which lightens the load for support and is a great convenience for the users of the software.

    The ZLT forum has been neglected for a few years. Users trying to ask questions have their posts disappear into limbo because whoever is supposed to be moderating the forum never approves any posts. That is a great way to alienate any current or potential customers.

    I think you have some good software, but the forum is next to useless. It is a shame because it makes your good software seem much less appealing.

    If you have any questions about how to curb spam on your forum I would be happy to give you some assistance. Feel free to PM me if you would be more comfortable.
  4. zltrader


    Still trying to catch up the processing of the forum posts. All the non-spam posts should have been approved now.

    On handling spams, actually only the first post needs approval and I just send you a PM.

  5. moarla


    i find the ZLT the best addon for IB. it fits my trading style perfectly.
    never looked at the forum :)
  6. Support is available on Gchat and telephone if there is a pressing issue. I have used it a few times so I know it works.

    ZLT is a great front end and I have no hesitation in recommending it.