Does anyone use sound inputs of chart data in their trading?

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  1. For example:

    Each trade hitting the market makes a sound (“blip”):
    - trades at the offer sound different than those at the bid (pitch? volume? timbre?), and
    - And size of the trade affects some other dimension of the sound (pitch? volume? timbre?)
    - I suppose could even be applied to other features such as speed of price change, tests/breaks of important levels, etc...

    Would seem to confer an advantage after a while of getting used to it. (i.e. "This pullback pattern on the 1min ES looks a lot like the one we saw yesterday morning, but it sounds totally different...more like the one we got last Monday that slipped and washed out back to the lows."), etc...

    I would love to find a way to do this.

    Any thoughts on whether or not this might be incredibly useful in distinguishing between similar looking patterns that might contain some very different internal order patterns without having to take your eyes off the price action?

    (and not at all as the main point of this thread, but just as an aside, if you happen to know of any source for this type of function, perhaps you could, in the course of discussing this interesting trading topic, mention what it is...ahem...thanks)
  2. Interesting idea. Maybe not "blips", but varying decibels of white/pink noise?
    Pink and White noise are commonly used by sound engineers at concerts for a "sound check" to set sound pressure levels for the gargantuan PA's used in large venues.
  3. On my charts, I'ed like to just have a ping at the end of each time interval so I don't have to continually stare at the screen.
  4. I seem to remember TOS and Sierra Charts having "Alerts" with customizable sounds at the end of any time bar...don't remember if they also had the same for tick or vol. bars. I wonder if there's some freeware on the internet one could download to accomplish same.
  5. fact, I think it strikes me more and more as such an interesting idea...

    to effectively widen the "bandwidth" of your necktop-desktop connection, allowing for more simultaneous data to enter your brain (your eyes have to be pointed in a particular direction, exclusively taking in what's there, while your ears can be pointed anywhere and still pick up whatever sounds are around)

    ...such an almost retrospectively obvious improvement that I really am astonished that I can't seem to find any service or product that accomplishes this function as I have presented it.

  6. I'm pretty sure that there's a TradeStation string of code that turns the order book flow into an audible series of clicks. When trading is slow, click frequency is slow and speeds up as orders are jamming the market.

    It's out there, search the TradeStation forums to see if you can find the code and then maybe you could configure it to your platform if you're not a TS user and maybe differentiate the bid and offer noises.

    On a side note, I think it would be interesting to see the recorded audio frequency from this type of audible book data. You could constuct some pretty interesting indicators based off of
    these data. Write some code that alerts you to "frequencies >= X", or "frequencies w/ correlationcoeff >= .85" in order to alert you to important frequencies, and thus, price points.

    Happy Hunting
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    TT has tradesounds on the DOM. 5 adjustable buy sounds, 5 sell sounds, each based on size ranges. Can get annoying (use a headset so you don't piss off the rest of the room) but you can tweek it to filter out the small size trades.
  8. This is VERY interesting IMO.

    I think we're much faster and better at audio pattern matching with tolerance for minor differences than we are at the analogous visual task, because the audio task is needed to interpret language.