does anyone use Sierrachart historical depth of market. It's supposed to be like bookmap or jigsaw?

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  1. I'm getting interested in this. Has anyone used it on this forum?

  2. Don't want to pop your bubble... but what possible use could all of this be... beyond the pretty colors and all...??

    I'm thinking it's just "distraction and noise". If someone sees otherwise, please enlighten me.
  3. The market is rather relatively very simple in a classic, plain ladies wrist watch;
    Too many people/traders think that they need to observe and trade the market from a micro and technical and complicated and complex and close-up scale a man's skeleton chronograph watch,
    Overthinking and being anal and detailed and having ego can be detrimental to market performance and trading.
    Use a simple, smaller, plain ladies wrist watch instead.
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  4. It's not that data, it's what I want to do with that data.