Does anyone use Richard Dennis's Turtle Trading techniques?

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  1. N day (period) breakouts are a Richard Donchian concept, not a Richard Dennis concept.

    Read all you want about trend trading at
  2. There are still people who trade the way the turtles did. I have actually had the pleasure in meeting Michael Covel, the Author of the The Complete Turtle Trader.

    I dont know how well the system works now, but either way the moral of the story is having a plan and sticking with the rules leads t o profits.

    Many of the traders in that program are multi-millionaires now.
  3. I heard Russell Sands, one of the original turtles say once that the turtle trading system no longer works without modifications. However, that may be because he teaches his own methods. The original rules can be found on the web at:

    You can also buy the Way of the Turtle by Curtis Faith, another original turtle. It also discloses the rules of the system:
  4. Was Michael Covel one of the original turtles? I dont see any mention of that on his website.

  5. no, he is a journalist/movie producer/ best selling author


  6. NO, he wasn´t .
  7. No he is the author of the book that talks about the story of the Turtles.
  8. I suspected such. Michael Covel is just an opportunist then. Why would I read the books he authored on the system versus one of the original traders?
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