Does anyone use QuoTrek?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by diputs, May 19, 2006.

  1. diputs


    On most days, I do not have any computer access during trading hours. I am considering using QuoTrek as a learning tool to learn more about the Ebb and Flow of the market and try to spot buy and sell signals in technical Indicators.

    I am also considering it as a backup broker access point. Instead of getting an additional internet connection and a backup computer.

    I already have a device to run the software.

    QuoTrek is not in the software review section. I am curious if anyone uses it and what they think about it.
  2. diputs


    I guess this means that no one has used this software.
  3. i think quotrek is probably more for the position/swing most of the worthy traders in this forum would never leave their multiple monitor trade station...i'm guessing quotrek probably does what it should...but you kinda have to accept the level of sophistication that comes with a 3 inch screen on a portable device....
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    Hi diputs,

    There are a number of reviews on the QuoTrek service on our site and I can tell you we have thousands of subscribers to this service. Best way to gauge whether QuoTrek will meet your needs is likely to just try it. We offer a 30 day trial so all you risk are the Exchange fees if you opt to cancel.

    Please check out the Quotrek site for more information.