Does anyone use Quote Tracker

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    Got an answer by email from Jerry....they will be looking into this in the future and recognize tthe need...these guys are great and I am sure they will act on it...its just a matter of time.
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  2. neo_hr, QT does not currently support multi-day intraday charts, so backfilling for that time frame is not available either. We will look at adding that option in the future.

    airspeed - just because you are using IB, does not mean you cannot use QT for the charting, quotes, news, etc...
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    Jerry, I have a Q for U:

    Can I pay for lets say Telescan or quotes (realtime streaming) and incorporate it in QT?

    And would I get better bandwidth which is like 200-400 k/s (shown in that little rectangle in left upper corner)? Or does it have to do with my net connection? Mind you, I use Datek customer streamer now.

    Thank you so much!

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  4. neo_hr - We do not currently support Telescan or, but do have a number of others. if you need tick-by-tick, MarketFeed subscription will work just fine. Will be adding Level II as an option for them soon as well.

    We also added A.B. Watley tick-by-tick quotes recently and will be adding CyberTrader.

    As for the bandwidth indicator, that shows how much bandwidth the quotes are using, not the speed of the connection. That depends on the number of symbols being tracked, how active they are and the efficiency of the datafeed. Varies quote a bit. AB Watley and RJT are extremely efficient. DATEK is pretty good now.

    Jerry Medved
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    Never said what I was actually using :)
    Just want to see QT continue to be improved. We should all keep making suggestions for improvements within our own trading time frames. They have a chance to do innovative things that the big boys have a harder time adapting to. Competition will benefit us all.
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