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    I would also like to have this feature you are talking about...Medved is good about answering questions posed such as this...I will email them and ask if they are planning the meantime, I just click on "Historical Charts" or I click on "Big Charts" and set the time frame accordingly.
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  2. dkamp

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    This is their most common request, and biggest flaw (i.e., lack of multi-day charts). Related to this is the fact that they only display (in their own charts, not the third-party historical charts) data that has been collected by you in real-time (unless you're paying for access to historical data that can be used to backfill real-time charts). Hopefully, they will at least allow us to start archiving such data for multiple days in future versions.

    But anyone who requires quick access to multi-day historical data will find QT to be a bit cumbersome and limiting (i.e., you can't just flip their intraday charts into interday charts to look for past S/R). On the other hand, they are so good about making improvements that I would bet that they will address this in the near future.
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  3. neo_hr


    Yeah dkamp,

    That is EXACTLY what I meant! Say you are watching a 5 min chart and it is say...3PM. Now, you know your s/r for today, but you would like a bit "broader" picture and see what was going on in the past 5 days or so, keeping your todays trendlines and all.

    And after that go say daily (three month period) to see the widest picture. Is it possible and if not, does anyone know how to make the code for it or something?

    Also, can you do that with another software (Ensign, Raven, ...)

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    Hi neo,
    They have free historical charts (from a separate provider) which can be brought up to cover n previous days, but it's cumbersome, and discontinuous with respect to whatever indicators and settings you've established in the live charts. This problem seems to stem from their not having an integrated approach to real-time and historical data.

    Almost all other chart packages (from Scottrade's streaming charts up to TradeStation) support the multi time frame perspective you are looking for. A quick solution would be to sign up for's LiveCharts (basic option - $9.95 per month). This gets you both E-Mini futures quotes and a charting package that supports multiple time frames with historical data (basically, a really inexpensive way to get access to their data bases). Biggest problem I've seen with LiveCharts is that they freeze up once in a while (fixed by refreshing page), probably due to bug(s) in their Java applet code.

    So you either have to fix the historical/time frame problem with supplemental support, or wait for them to fix QT, if you're going to use QT effectively for trading that depends on timely evaluation of previous day(s) data.
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  5. Kicking - Yes, we do make money from the advertising, though we do have other sources of income as well - registrations, private label licensing, affiliate programs, etc. QuoteTracker is NOT a beta. It has been available to the public for over 3 years for free and will remain so.

    Security - we cover that in our privacy and FAQ pages:

    If you have some specific questions, let me know.

    dkamp - You can get RT backfill for free if you signup with Scottrade. You can use them for backfill and some other source for quotes.

    Jerry Medved
    2GK, Inc.
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    Hi Jerry,
    Would be great to have your input up here.

    With respect to the Scottrade backfill, the last I checked it was only providing 1 quote (or some such low number) per minute, meaning that 1-minute bars were not well-formed in areas being backfilled. Kind of made it useless for an intraday trader. (or maybe I'm thinking of the 0.2 minute plots? - yes, you can actually plot less than one-minute bars!)

    Anyway, as you can tell from above, I really do think QuoteTracker is great, and have posted a personal wish list on the Yahoo site that may be of interest to others (download the free QT and use their help menu to access the Yahoo QT message board). Won't repeat all that here.

    Thanks again for creating QT, and keep up the good work!
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  7. dkamp,

    Scottrade returns 1 or 5 minute OHLC backfill depending on when the request is made. That is as intended. Keep in mind that the latest values on the chart will come from the current quote source, not the backfill. 1 minute OHLC data is sufficient for that. Also, that is exactly the same thing that you see on the Scottrade charts, otherwise we would have retrieved the tick data.

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    Thanks Jerry. I see what's going on now. As with TradeStation, they're only storing and returning 1 minute historical data. Any tick data (i.e., any time and sales data within the 1 minute bar) must be saved locally for reuse. Just a remote storage issue, combined with a lot of traders focusing on 1-minute bars or greater.

    Personally, I think 1-minute price bars (and price bars in general) just serve to hide a lot of information, and lead one into strange worlds like Japanese candlestick theory. Seems better to have opportunity to see what is actually happening with price and volume within each bar. This is also related to the fact that trade executions can now be done in seconds vs. minutes.
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  9. neo_hr


    Dear Fellow traders!

    seems to me that for your style (action within seconds instead of minutes) you should be using Raven or esignal or TradeStation! I mean, QT IS my favourite program and thank you guys for making it, but I AM a swingtrader (1-5 days, yeah you guessed it I don't have the 25k min for daytrading :mad: ).

    wonderful program and great feature BACKFILL but is it possible to do what I asked dkamp, to backfill say three last days? OK, you DO have historichal charts and B.charts but I would prefer to draw lines on an intraday chart and thes switch it to another timeframe keeping my analisys from intraday.:)


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  10. Jerry-
    Nice to have you on this board!!!!

    Unfortunately for me, I only got to use QT for about three days before I switched to IB...but sure would like to have it now!

    Best regards,
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