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    Has anyone used the free Medved Quote Tracker? If so, what have been your experiences with it? Is it reliable?

  2. I used it for a short time when I had my account at Datek. It worked pretty well...kinda clunky but overall good. If I could, I would use it for my IB account as I prefer it to IB's java workstation. I seem to remember that it is only as good as your data feed...If data quality/speed is important to you there may be better choices.

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    I have used it exclusively as a charting and T&S platform, for over a year. It's free, and i'm cost conscious because i don't trade full-time for a living. I use the IB TWS as an order execution platform.

    Previous post was correct in saying that it is only as good as your data feed.

    I do cough up the $25/mo for RJT's data feed -- it has been very reliable for the last 6 months. I get LII with the feed -- for what it's worth.

    i am currently trying the feed -- i will cancel before my 30 day free trial ends -- it is not steady.

    Scottrade data is free -- i have it as a back-up. I know a trader that uses this feed and it seems to be down quite a bit, and is limited to only a handful of stocks.

    Indicies and news are weak.
    For some reason i lost the ability to log in to for their free delayed futures data. I used to run two sessions, one for the futures and one for the stocks i am tracking.

    The Medved crew is extremely support conscious -- emails are answered FAST, and they have a few BB's where users and developers post daily. Jerry and his crew are always upgrading and fixing any bugs so the product keeps getting new and better features.

    For the price: It is excellent and meets MY needs. (if you download the free version -- do the right thing and click on a few banners a day!)

    I hesitate to recommend it, because i don't know what kind of trading you are going to do off of it.

    If i were trading full time and depended on procedes for income -- i'd go with something else; probably e-signal and Ensign. But i would defer this recommendation to any of the Pro's on the board.

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    Definitely worth looking at.

    Is very reliable, constantly being upgraded, great support, almost free ($60 to get rid of annoying ads), works with a multitude of quote providers, direct trading support via Datek or RJT, has many features not found elsewhere.
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    I'm no expert, but QT has served me very well with the Datek Direct account that I've started my learning with. Great CS and they do seem very interested in improving the software and taking user input. I paid the $60 to eliminate the ads, too much of a distraction for me. With the click to trade I still do not understand how this platform using Datek Direct to an ENC is any different from MB or Cyber. Could someone enlighten me please?

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    I have been using QuoteTraker for about two years now...I am completely satisfied...I registered with Scottrade for their free data feed...I use it for back up....I pay $10 for is pretty good...charting is good with the ability to have many multiple charts open at one time...their support is excellent and over the two years that I have been using it, they have had many updates, improvements and innovations...because it is free you will have flashing on them often to help pay for the can get rid of the adds for a small fee...which I have can keep track of multiple portfolios for you as well as your profit and loss...I use IB for my I can not vouch for its inherent trade package...right now I think that they are set up for RJT and Datek, with future additions to come....I prefer to keep my execution software seperate, simply as another back up feed and stability...Lastly, becuase its free...I recommend you down load it...register with Scottrade for your free data feed and toy with it and see if you like it.:)
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    Hello trading friends!

    Some of you may know me, but for others, i am a trader from Croatia! QT seems to work well (been using it for papertrading for a while) with Datek real time quotes.

    However there is one thing bugging me. Since I am a swingtrader (1-5 days) I use daily charts for my "nightly regimen" and there seems to be a difference in closing and opening prices on the site and in my QT when I backfill intraday charts. And the difference is like 10, 20, 30 cents/sh. Anyone know why???

    Otherwise, for someone not-trying-to-scalp L' or 1/16ths :cool: it is VERY GOOD. For the rest of you-go Raven, Esignal, RTIII etc.

    Keep those trades green and HAVE A NICE DAY-CROATIAN WAY!!!


    P.S. I can't belive this what is happening in USA...
  8. kojack,

    just get it and try it. its free. that means you can try it without cost. we cant tell you if it is goping to suit your needs. what more do you need to know???????????????

    GET IT!
  9. I like it, especially the small charts in the quoteboard and the sort function, extremely useful. I have been wondering though how they make money! What 's the catch? The clicks on the ads can not possibly allow them to be profitable. I mean the customer support is always there. So my guess is that QT is a beta version:we the users help them develop the software they can then license to ProphetFinance for instance. If anybody knows please tell me. I also had concerns about security issues when you use it to trade with your broker.

    neo hr: I believe the discrepancies between Open and Close on QT and other sources is because QT will show the last trade in After hours at EOD. Hey what's trading like in Croatia? what Internet connection can you get there?
  10. neo_hr


    Just a quick Q.

    You all probably know the feature intraday charts. They show current day only (1, 3, 5, ...min) but I would like to have the day before also or I would like to have 5 days, freq. 30 or 60 min. Is that possible? I couldn't figure it out but perhaps some programming wizz on this forum could help out?? I mean could it be "programmed in" ?

    THX guys, have a nice rest of the weekend!

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