does anyone use "line" instead of "bar" or "candle" charts?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by increasenow, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. been looking at the "line" instead of "Bar" or "candle" charts...does anyone use this?...looking at a 24 hour "line" chart seems to give a good picture of ES, YM, NQ...thoughts?
  2. why do u keep posting and not sitting there looking for your perfect setup for your other thread you started? You should be concentrating and not worry about line charts
  3. do you use "line" charts?
  4. bdon


    If it provides YOU the consistency you need for your trading then use it. If it doesn't don't. Don't listen to anyone else. Use what works for YOU!

    I use 5m candles for daytrading and day candles for longer term trades. But first and foremost I use the tape and never chase the book!
  5. Line charts are great for daytrading (which I don't recommend), or pointing intraday entry/exit points for long term trades.
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    I think that increasnow is associated with ET and constantly posts questions, to stimulate discussions.

    I just can't believe that his questions are serious. I base that on how long he has been posting here and the "beginner" level of most of his questions. Also, his questions bounce around and cover virtually all topics.

    One day he has several questions related to trading crude and two days later, he asks severla questions about Eurex, then T-bonds, then metals, etc.
  7. I have but only one prayer. Please let increasenow be an only child and he has had his nuts cut so that his genes can no longer contaminate the human race.
  8. Isn't that a sign of bi-polarism? :confused:
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    i use a number....then i look at the instrument in relation to the number i have in my mind...and i start from there...from looking at the price in relation to my number before, during and after my trade is how i determine how to pile in or out of said chart, no level 2 just that little number in me head...peace

    but then again me nose notin'
  10. why do you not recommend daytrading?
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