Does anyone use IB's Charts?

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  1. I have been trying to figure out this bloated mess all morning. I tried to do a webinar for it but the audio was terrible. I put up with that for 45 minutes but couldn't take it any more. Then I tried to run the demo from the website, it wouldn't run.
    Does this charting program have any indicators?
    I have 50 million buttons and can't find any available indicators to apply to the chart.

    I am considering trying to use it Mon morning and see if I can use it. I'd like to give it a try. Took me forever just to find out how to change colors. Am I wasting my time trying to learn this pig?

    So far I have found it to be a bloated clustered up mess with way too much unintelligible crap to wade through that for the life of me I have no idea what it does(whenever I open up a feature), ....Does it get any better after a day or two?

    I'm ready to send Ameritrade the 25K and open an account of some sort to get QT back.

    What are your thoughts on it?
    I think I'm done with it already but may give it a shot mon/tue.
  2. I use both amibroker and IB charts. IB chart for longer time frames and chart trading only, because it is delayed.
  3. The IB charts are delayed? WTF!
  4. WTF to you no matter what the issue is.
  5. What?

  6. You might want to forgo IB's charts and use a charting package that hooks into IB's TWS API to get data. (Ensign, NinjaTrader, Sierra come to mind).

    IB's charts are pretty basic. Right-click gives you a few indicators, but not much. And there is no way to custom-code your own (not that I've seen, anyway).

    Just be aware that IB bundles ticks, so whether that kind of data-feed works for you is up to you.
  7. Go to that's more than enough, or go ahead and open an account with thinkorswom , everything on one package.
  8. +1

    I too use ninja for regular chart with few custom indicators. I use IB chart for quick view (after hr, 18 candle) or options chart.
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    I think that if you used QT before, that you should drop IB-charts immediately...(else, you will stay very disappointed).
  10. u just open an account with td ameritrade. no need to fund it. you will still get the stock feed.

    that is the way i did it. use td feed for my charts with ib's platform.
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