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    I have a small retirement account with Fidelity. At work they have set up an option to use a portion of that account for trading stocks. I've never seen anyone talk of using them for their broker services. I don't have the time to try to do much more then EOD type trading. The goal here is to learn with a small account that really doesn't matter. If it proves to be something I can do then maybe I'll get in a little deeper. While I truly understand that there is more for me to lose than gain. My question is - is Fidelity the platform ? Thanks for the info
  2. In my worthless opinion, I'd look at frequency of trades and markets.

    If you only do a couple trades a month in stocks or funds, Fido should be fine, or at least not worth the hassle of moving your account.

    Futures, options, or more frequent trading and you gotta go with another. I like Interactive (best combo of markets and costs imho), but OptionsXpress is decent I hear, even if you don't do many options trades.

    Please do note that more frequent trading, without a systematic "edge" of some kind, will inevitably lead to losses - guaranteed.

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    Thanks Wayne
    The problem is I'm locked in to this account with these funds. Most of my investments are in real estate.I'm getting tired of manging it and looking for something else. I look at this Fidelity account as a education cost. If it can serve to learn some of the mechanics it will be worth while.
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    I use fidelity for my swing trading...sometimes daytrading also...very fast fills....especially NYSE stocks...

    They have good small seminars on trading from time to time...look on website for locations....basic and advanced technical issues....

    I would think it would be an excellent place to get very educated on trading/investing.....great research tools....

    Remember who they are......huge.......

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    If your are with Fidelity through your company's 401k, it usually does not provide the platform with all the features. It will be better if you find out those features by contacting them directly with the special contact information that you were provided with through your company's 401k.