Does anyone use a reliable FX broker?

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    Why? This broker has been at the stage for a while but then they disappeared. Bad business decisions or they target specific local clients without aggressive promo. Anyway I prefer to stick with Hotforex and Tickmill they are great but yet need some upgrades
    #91     Nov 4, 2019
  2. Opened an account with turnkey forex recently, conditions seem decent so far. Hope withdrawals will also be smooth with them.
    #92     Dec 11, 2019
  3. I'm with FP Markets right now, seems reliable. No issues so far but we'll see how withdrawals go. Although before I had issues with Australian IC markets I don't think ASIC was to blame lol. Too many server crashes and platform freeze got me fed up at the end. Which brokers you have experience with?
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  4. Requested for withdrawals last week and got on time. Their conditions are actually good.
    #94     Jan 20, 2020
  5. Pepperstone --who in my experience has some of the best customer service and execution quality out there-- is running a promotion where new users get their first 20 trades commission free:

    20 Free Trades - Pepperstone

    Not bad at all for anyone who wants to try out a new brokerage.

    I was a client of Pepper for many, many years and only have positive things to say about them.
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  6. Hell no it ain't! Hard pass!

    So many reasons why:
    • They funnel you into their Seychelles regulated entity and you do not have the option to use the FCA regulated entity in the UK. Want to withdrawal any profit from the welcome account? You're stuck in Seychelles.
    • The fine print says you gotta at least double the account before they'll let you take any of the profit out. Oh, and max $100.. funny that.. if they are not B-booking you, then they wouldn't care about a max limit on profit made.
    • MT4 only (no cTrader, no MT5.)
    • The fine print also says no EAs allowed for welcome accounts. That's right, you can't use an EA. You can't use any automation. It has to be manually traded.. wonder why?
    • Oh, and the fine print says they can use all the personal info you give them to get the welcome account for marketing purposes both inside and outside the company. Your contact info is now potentially a product they sell in the future, if they don't bombard you with their own marketing to death before then. Nice.
    Just like ANY welcome bonus, it's a shitty marketing gimmick.

    Go with a properly regulated broker. Not one that holds themselves out as FCA regulated in the UK then does a bait and switch to their Seychelles entity.

    I can not in good faith recommend a broker like that.
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  7. What about FP Markets ? is anyone using them ?
    #97     Feb 24, 2020
  8. Hi, I'm new to this forum but been trading for a year now and I use FP Markets.

    I started using after trading with other brokers and left cause of certain faults. But FP Markets filled those gaps that were missing.

    Ex: Slippage is low compared to other brokers and also the execution is faster. If you want a broker with low spreads Fp markets have the lowest spreads.
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  9. Fp Markets are a good broker, compared to other brokers like IC markets.

    they provide lower spreads and faster execution. The commission is lower than other Aussie brokers.

    If your a scalper i would suggest you to choose FP Markets. The only drawbacks they have is they do not accept Nigerians
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  10. Customer support is very nice. they are avilable 24/5. They give quick response and solve your doubts and questions. Platform is very good .

    If you do 10lots per month they can give free vps service. You can access autochartist software and access weekly review and weekend review about the markets so you can get idea what is going in the markets.
    #100     Mar 3, 2020