Does anyone trade with AVAFX?

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  1. Danny68


    A friends has recommended me this broker for FX and commodity trading recently. However, due to my investment size, I'd like to hear from more professionals out here before I make the deposit, just to be safe.
    Personal Summary: 2 Years stock trading experience prior to this. Looking to trade mainly FX, Gold, SP500, and not sure if this would also be a decent broker for Crude Oil and rest of the commodities that are offered. My initial deposit size should be around $500,000USD. Current County of residence: PR China.
    I have created a couple of questions, where a simple Yes or No answer would give me a lot of information, and I really appreciate your time for the feedback.

    1. Are you currently an active trader on AVAFX?
    2. How long have you traded with AVAFX?
    3. Is your current investment size above 100K USD/EUR?
    4. Do you have anyone close friend who also use AVAFX?
    5. How were you introduced to AVAFX?
    - an Introducing Broker
    - Discovered it on your own

    *Any other comment/advice?

    Thank you for your time again, my final decision will be based on the answer and replies you guys give out.

    All the best,

    - Dan
  2. its a retail chop shop with high spreads/commissions.

    thats all i know
  3. Danny68


    Is there any broker that you suggest?Thanks.