Does anyone trade the ZN?

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  1. During my search it said the word was too little so there were no results.

    Seems like it has different movement compared to the others.

    Why does volume pick up at 2am CST?

    Is anyone trading these short term?

    This is really an entire day. Untitled-10.jpg
  2. maxinger


    I checked my esignal chart. There was no volume spike at 2am cst.

    ZN not suitable for directional day trading.
    but I believe it is very popular with inter / intra market & calender spreaders
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  3. comagnum


    The volume rises sharply at 2am CST with the open of the LSE (London Stock Exchange).
  4. i traded it for years and was making a trade on average every 1.3 days or something like that. my system was always in long or short.
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  5. traider


    Are you still trading it?
  6. no i trade the ty mostly now. btw i published a paper on the model i used to trade all these debt instruments with.
  7. traider


    I've only seen the oddball system for futures. Can you link to the debt system or is it the same momentum system?
  8. Blehs


    2am CST is when europe wakes up and starts trading, and then 8 hours later the US volume comes though. The 8 hours prior to that is the Asian session, where only small players exist with the occasional big player every couple of hours or so (which lasts less then a minute)
  9. 0008


    where is your paper?