Does anyone trade only 1hour?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by exce26, May 12, 2003.

  1. exce26


    Does anyone trade only 1hour?
    The most volume & volatility time.


    I trade more than an hour ... but if I had to pick just one hour to trade I'd pick 3:00 to 4:00.
  3. I'm thinking about sitting out 9:30-10 on ES
  4. I am testing a system that on average trades under 1 minute during the first hour of trading in the ES.

    Michael B.
  5. JT47319


    You could make a living fading gaps. Of course, the past few days haven't been too good for closing gaps, but you'd have made quite a few points if you were willing to close out a few ticks shy of the gap.
  6. Sure do...will trade a little longer if I think there will be other opportunities.

    P.S. Lots of past threads on this subject here at EliteTrader along with traders providing more in-depth info on why.

  7. prox


    What's the logic in just trading one hour ?
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    NihabaAshi, you are profitable for 12 years in a row?!!! Just wanted to give you kudos. Maybe you should start your own chatroom. I would def join :)
  9. Yes, kudos to NihabaAshi. But I honestly would not expect anything less from (a) someone who provides consistently high-quality posts, and (b) anyone who would call themselves a professional. I may never be George Soros (or even NihabaAshi), but I had better as shit be profitable every fuckin year, or there is something seriously wrong. I am not implying this is easy by any means. But, if one is to be a trader by... umm... trade... then losses carrying over more than a month or two are utter bullshit. Maybe once. Maybe one time would a professional string together such a losing streak either by freak chance or as a precursor to complete self-reinvention. Otherwise, NEWS BULLETIN: You are a hack, a wannabe, a faux trader, fake, malignant manifestation of easy money and good-times, full-of-shit, out right piece of shit in life.

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    Me too
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