Does anyone trade in and out of the same stock twice....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by efh1108, Jan 18, 2011.

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    in the same day? This is my second day in my trading career and I read some things like never trade in and out of the same stock on the same day because you don"t want your hand to be revealed. However, I don"t really make huge trades, not yet anyway. So, will the people on the other side use it against you if they recognize you? Please don"t laugh at my question and thanks so much in advance.
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    Yes all day. And no one will know. Where did you read that anyway?
  3. Unless you have huge size, no one will notice.

    Just remember the market doesn't care what you think or what your position is. Even though it seems like it sometimes it's just your own mind playing tricks on you. Just remember... the market does not care!!
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    I read your post and laughed out aloud before i could stop myself.

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    thanks for your honesty! you drunk?
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    What screening process do you guys typically use in looking for stocks. I will also go out on a limb and ask what stocks do you specifically trade? I have been having trouble today :)
  7. No way, never! I don't want to reveal my hand.

  8. me to it was hilarious

    sorry op
  9. I know those 100 share trades will tip off the market makers, then they'll be wise to your moves .....LOL

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    fair enough! How do you screen for them?
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