Does anyone trade crude futures long term?

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    why would anyone want to trade one market long term? Holding such long periods requires a robust long term trend following approach. Therefor your chances of making money are slim or next to zero- what if crude oil does not trend for 2 years?

    If you are planning to trade long term 2 years and above - Diversify and trade everything tradeable under the sun.

    First crude oil trade in early eighties: Sold short around $30/barrel when margin was $1,000 contract and $1 drop was = $1,000. Went to $10.

    Bought crude in 2002, 20 Contracts... sold @ $101. (5 year trade).
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    Yeh I agree I have written nonsense and congratulations on your success
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    I have been trading long term since 1992, I think the longest trade was 2.5 years in a currency. It is just real tough to stay with a trade for any length of period more than several months.
    It took me many tries to find the top in Crude, but rode it down to near the lows where I reversed and still long, every month changing contracts to nearby.

    Once I am in a trade, I revert to weekly bars, only way to stay in a long term trade.
  5. how about short term swing-trading in crude or other commodities, 3-5 days max? does it work? too risky?

  6. Why not, I average in/out using QM sometimes over a few hours or days!
  7. ok. but i mean a standalone short swing trade in crude, how long could that take? i'm not familiar with commodities, i'm just curious what the time horizon can be for shorter term trades
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    Ken and Handle question for you. How do you manage a longer term position, when do you look to roll it?, how far out are you buying/selling? Leverage? Any hiccups that made you adjust your style, aside from the price direction, execution wise?

    Thx a ton
  9. there's a lot of FREE info on commodities trading at:

    i don't know about you, but in my world, FREE is better . . .

    i'm sure it's no worse than paid courses . . . you may not get color brochures, but that's OK . . .there may be better things to do with 3K i think

    i also like the relaxed attitude of paul brittain, a broker with alaron, who runs the commodity schools

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