Does anyone think this Market is Manipulated Up?

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Do you think the market is being manipulated?

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  1. Yes, definitely

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  2. Seems to be that way

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  3. I dont think so

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  4. Absolutely not, its not possible mkt is too big.

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  1. It seems that way. Every day they take a different heavily weighted name and ramp it up to skew the indices.
  2. When was the market ever NOT manipulated?

    Welcome to trading and reality.
  3. Xenia


    It´s a cramerpulated market.
  4. dimeo


    look at the exchange rate for the USD/EUR

    The Treasury Department sold 20 bln USD in new 2-year notes last Wednesday. Supply exceeded demand for USD.
    The market indexes drove up in a mad fury to all time highs.
  5. I also think this is liquidity based..

    right now im watching crude nosedive and the dow is rallying again. it's always something to support it.

    I wonder if this isnt a game of musical chairs?
  6. Do not make this public, I like when every day is up and also when there are dips so i can use my profits to add on, since I know prices will rebound. Of course it may go down today, MAYBE, but it will be back tomorrow. Go Market! NDX will prob do new weekly highs tomorrow. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  7. ozzy



    If they can they will (thin markets etc).

  8. Futures neg as we speak, gotta buy the dip!
  9. I think you are right.
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