Does anyone short oil

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. every year towards late summer into Fall and Winter.

    If it hits 75-80 by July-August, I'm doing it.

    I just don't think oil will ever be 100 a barrell like some moron analysts predict every summer.
  2. unless your day trading it from the short side, you need to buy in the money puts rather than outright short. Takes the overnight middle-east kill your account out of play. Defined risk for worst case scenario!

    I have a major long-term technical sell in this area we are at. Perfect # is 70.05, but it is just within this area. Target is 56ish.
  3. same here but
    got this on hourly that's a buy till 75.5
    from aroun these levels..
    69.0 to 68.4..
    I am longing it with tight stops though
    at 68.2
  4. hajimow


    Definitely OPEC will raise the production in a couple weeks. Remember we have Saudi Arabia in OPEC :D
  5. Spread the risks


    By making many orders @ Left side
    should do well

    53.91 43.88
    54.26 43.44
    55.10 42.60
    55.26 42.35
    56.09 42.29
    56.57 42.65
    56.94 42.93
    57.14 43.08
    57.27 43.17
    56.98 42.96

  6. Does anyone think USO is going to change how they trade the fund since so many people are complaining about contango making it trade at a discount? What will happened to options holders if they decide to close the fund?