Does anyone out there trade currencies?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by EF4869, Mar 5, 2004.

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    If so, have ever heard of a company called forex out of Delray Beach, Fl.?
  2. easiest way to loose everything you ever owned.

    succeed at stocks first

    then at commodities (which takes almost a lifetime), that is / are physical commodites

    then try your hand at Electronic Mini futures contracts

    by that time, your wonderlust should be satiated and not need to venture into currencies
  3. i trade currencies as a pro with a very large shop out of ny. once you get the hang of them they are far easier than anything else. more macro views. the only problem is they run 24 hrs a day so you don't get much sleep in the beginning. must take positions long term and strategically position yourself. in the end it all comes down to capital reserves because you can get margined out easily if you overleverage yourself. if you need a solid place to trade that treats customers very well let me know.
  4. You'r good for playing rule in Evil Dead III. You almost
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    Neo-Trader, where do you trade in NY?
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    Just left Delray beach, lived on a1a not to far from atlantic ave, Delrays commercial strip...I never heard of them...... in fact, the only guys i ever ran into in Delray-boca in FOREX are brokers....the hound the phone call you in the middle of ur dinner, bug the shit out of you, fast talking, cheesy tie wearing FOREX brokers.

    But...that isnt to say there are no actual Forex traders in DELRAY, Its a small beach town and i never ran into any.