Does anyone listen to Bloomberg radio?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by johnstang, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Everytime a "specialist" is asked whether people should be getting out of stocks right now, they answer dogmatically NO! Its not good advice in my opinion.
  2. Most "specialists" are in some way related to the brokerage industry, or "fund guys", not actual traders, that's pretty much why.

    Just like asking a Real Estate agent if it's a good time to buy (or a good time to sell for that matter, LOL).

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    On Bloomberg TV they had a chart of the S&P PE ratio. The PE was last at this level in 1997. For the Dow stocks were last this cheap in 1995.
  4. I think the little bloomberg tv you can connect too on your desktop is the best. Much better than cnbc.
  5. Agree, do a search on ET for the Links. I posted them a while ago.
  6. I've noticed that it runs a it behind on the PC but we miss out on a lot of the commercials as brother has the satellite, I use the webcast.