Does anyone knows how much can I possibly make a day in the FOREX market with $2500?

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  1. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps.

    I have no experience in trading but I'm about to sign up for some FOREX course in Online Trading Academy (O.T.A.) in Tampa, Florida, United States of America and I would like to know how much can I possibly make a day in the FOREX market if I start trading with $2,500 to $3,000?

    Does anyone knows how much can I possibly make a day in the FOREX market if I start with $2,500 to $3,000?

    A close Idea will help very well, I have no sort of experience when it come to those subjects at all. The Idea of an approximate number would be paramount in helping me making a paragon decision.

    Furthermore I can use some reading references from books, online topics, text books and etc.

    No B.S. welcome.

    Thanks in advance to everyone who helps.

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    The truth is that you will probably lose it all within 90 days - of course the time frame will vary per individual.

    Good luck in your new venture...
  3. The correct question would be...

    Does anyone know how much I can possibly lose a day in the FOREX market with $2500?

    And for you, the answer is $2500. :)

    I`m not trying to be a dick here, but it is the truth that the snake oil sellers and vendors, that are especially abundant in FX btw, does not tell you.

    If you know how to trade, you could compound those $2500 by proper position sizing and grow your equity to a significantly larger amount.

    But since you don`t know how to trade, your focus should be on learning how to trade and not on making money, which is only a fantasy at this point. Expect it to take years from now and more effort than a university degree.

    Still thirsty? :)
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    Boy o boy!!

    Don't go near those vendors. Read the other threads and Google the vendor you want to go with to see the complaints.

    Think about it though; You are willing to risk 2500,the course costs over 4000;so that means you have 6500 to start and lose to "learn to trade".

    It means that to breakeven and I will bet you ,you expect that to happen within a year , you will need to make an annual profit of 160%!! Just to break even: plus your time.


    Before you do another thing you should write a check to the Salvation Army or some other worthwhile people for at least $100. That will be $100 you did not lose.
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    Everyone wants to take a shot. You don't know until you try. And $2500-$3k isn't life-ending. That said, I would suggest you try currency futures instead. The CME stuff. I think they are fairer in that they aren't taking the opposite side of your trade so they don't have a vested interest in your failing. Also the bid-ask spread are tighter.
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    Where do these people come from?
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  9. You want to know whats "possible" Well with $2,500-$3,000 you can make a few thousand per day if you use maximum margin and you start off in a winning trade right away.

    That said, its also possible to make 35 times your money if you go to Las Vegas and put it all down on one number at the roulette table.

    It doesnt mean its going to happen.
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