Does anyone know where to get a spread ratio chart?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by scalpmaster, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I have been using IB for 3 years but could not find
    a way to create a spread ratio chart...
    Can anyone guide me here?

    (A Spread Ratio Chart is created by dividing the price of one
    index/stock by another)

    Are there any other websites where I can get a
    spread ratio chart of indices futures (doesn't matter
    real time or not)?

    used to able to do this in but it has
    been revamped now...
  2. Is there no one else who uses a spread ratio chart too?
  3. You can use a simple Excel sheet for this. For example, paste closing prices of one market to column A, the second to column B, and in column C write formula "=A1/B1" (for the first row), then just double click the corner of the cell containing the formula and it gets applied to all rows. You can write way more complex formulas if you need so.
  4. Some ET'ers have an account at TS also.
    In TS there are two studies for spread difference, one is price, the other one is ratio.

    I am subscribing to Sierracharts (fed by IB data)to augment IB's charting and in Sierra there is also a ratio chart feature.

    I recommend Sierra because it is a very extensive and stable charting program.