Does anyone know where can I find the dark pool fees??

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ronin266, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have this year dark pools fee structure? Does still sigmax and getco paying for remove liquidity?

  2. Rob227


    As far as I know all dark pools require a fee for adding or removing liquidity. Most seem to be in the .002 - .0025 range that I'm aware of.

    Getco is at .001, sigmax is at .0018.
  3. Ask your broker.
  4. I´ve a wonderful broker that only have 2010 fees. Everything else I´ve to find trough internet.
  5. lol

    Make a trade and see what they charge?
  6. Ok, maybe stop givin that kind of advice?

    It will take for ever to see what are the fees that ways with smart routes, I even would´nt know where did they executed or routed out.
  7. Ok, so it seems a problem would be even if you had a price-list it would take forever to verify that the fees were correctly charged.
  8. yeah, that´s why I wanna have at least this year list. Or at least a site or something where they´re published (some DP publish the fees on theofficial sites, but most not, even GS don´t publish it :/)

    It´ll reduce the work and give me some hint of how and where did the orders got executed.
  9. Most dp's negotiate fees on a broker by broker basis depending on overall volume etc…
    So your broker is the best place to start…