Does anyone know what's going on with MB Trading?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by seasideheights, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Last week, with absolutely no notice to customers, orders for stocks, I believe $3 and under, are not filling & a message displays to call in the order if you want to buy or sell it. Not only, in my opinion, was it very discourteous to customers not telling them of the new policy before customers wasted time staring at a stock & waiting for a buy or sell point & then finding out it couldn't be traded, but they won't even give a straight answer why they're doing it or how long they're doing it for. They also implemented some new security for passwords that they rudely didn't notify customers about before its implementation last week. Is there a problem with accounts there? What's going on? Does anyone know? Has anyone gotten a straight answer out of them? I'm concerned with the lack of substantive answers from them. Is my money safe there?
  2. first mb trading is not in the league of an ib. its system is slow and akward to use. i have a little money there and use them now and then. i just opened and account with think or swim and i'm very impressed with there system and charts. i do all options and they're awesome. is your money safe at mb trading? as safe as it would be at gs as they clear threw penson who's huge and penson clears for 100's of firms. mb trading never touches your money so if they fold it matters little