Does anyone know what happened to JPJ-trading?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Feivi18, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Feivi18


    Hi everyone,

    Several years ago I was part of a market profile chatroom called jpj trading, run by Jim Pendlebury. At the time I was forced to leave trading, but I was looking to get back into it. To my surprise the JPJ website is non-functional. Does the chatroom still exist? Did he close shop?

    Any information appreciated.
  2. Feivi18


    It is. Or maybe I should say it "was". Like the website, the Google+ account seems to be abandoned...The last post there is from 2013...
  3. Minetoo



    Here he is:

    But his trading room website seems dormant.

    I was a member too but dropped out years ago when the room lost focus. Jim was only present intermittently and unnecessarily burdened the room with his never ending personal challenges. There were some excellent, hugely profitable traders there but the room was monitored (at that time) by guys like 'plantpro' who did nothing but lose money (a 'skill' no one needs learn). A massively, consistently profitable trader and lawyer (handle Robaim aka Robert) split off and started his own group. Robert's old emails are or . I do not know if they are still valid because they are a decade old. Hope this helps.
  4. rc415


    JP’s room was once a great room. He traded and I believe the trading was real. That’s all I can convey on this topic due to issues that may arise if I say more. FT71 was supposedly in the room for a time. Best wishes to you all.

  5. Minetoo


    You are correct rc415. The trades were real and most were quite profitable. Sadly, keeping traders focused solely on trading and new/improved trading ideas became a real challenge for the room. Overall, it was an excellent experience and a real pity it shut down.