Does anyone know the symbol for

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    the company that makes the voting machines? I completely forgot! Anyway, if there is a problem on Wed, it will be the end of this company as they will be out of business. SHORT!
  2. diebold? may be hard to borrow.:D
  3. DBD
  4. haha someone has been watching man of the year
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    ahh thank you. Does everyone agree with me on this move?
  6. not really. a belief is different than a trade. How much can you afford to lose to support your belief?

    either way you could buy an otm put 3 months out.
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    I am a daytrader, So I could care less about long term, I am strictly in to take the roller coster ride that will happen, of course if there is problems with the voting machines.
  8. Diebold has a strong footing in the voting machine market. Even with problems I doubt very seriously if you would see a strong move in the stock should some of the machines fail.

    Sure you may get panic selling by some retail investors but institutions know this is a minor software securiity problem and they will not panic. Without institutional selling you will not see this stock drop much. Besides, this stock only has an atr of about .80 cents which isn't much to work with considering its low volume.
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    Diebold is strictly held in business by the goverment. If there is any dispute to their machines, then the government can not buy from them anymore. It would be the second time something happened. They said this. The stock will tank.
  10. DBD makes a lot more than just voting machines.

    I'm not the type to sift through earnings reports, but I doubt the voting machines account for more than a small slice of DBD's total revenue stream.
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