Does anyone know of any law firm or accounting firm who can help me with international taxation

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  1. invortex


    I am a daytrader and looking for some answers on international tax rates in individual countries and how I may be able to obtain residency to move abroad.

    Does Deloitte or Price W have any departments to help individual investors?

  2. mervyn


    you don't need law firm or accounting firm, you need an immigration consultant once you set out your destination, everything will work out step by step in slow motion.
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  3. SunTrader


    If you are an American citizen either fahgetaboutit or fahgetaboutit continuing to be an American citizen.

    Uncle Sam stills get his cut, unless you cut all ties. And even then you have to pay up before you leave completely.
  4. ajacobson


    Scale of your trading(operation). Any of the majors will have an international tax department.
    Just a question of retainer, ongoing costs and offices in the correct jurisdictions.
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  5. invortex


    That is definitely an option. At least you pay once and be done with it. Pull it like a bandaid and go on with the rest of your life not having to always look for loopholes and stupid savings
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  6. SunTrader


    True but you might find yourself looking over your shoulder when you visit back to the "homeland" {hate that wartime derived word}. Kinda like a parolee finally get their freedom but they better not jaywalk or back they go.
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  7. invortex


    So true!! This made me laugh out loud!:D
  8. SunTrader


    Being a big (NYC) city kid I kind of walk on the wild side so Belize is where I am contemplating making the move to. If at all.

    Good luck whichever path you take. :thumbsup:
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  9. Overnight


  10. invortex


    Can I ask you how you chose Belize?

    I am looking into PR or Malta.

    I am also from NYC!
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