Does anyone know of any good reliable

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  1. gkishot


    forex broker that allowes total hedging ( holding long & short positions of the same pair). Thanks.
  2. With FXCM you set up a second account under the same user and password.

    When you log in, with your orginal user and password, both accounts show up at the same time on FX Trading Station 2.0 and you can hold short and long positions at the same time. Its very easy handling the two accounts.
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    FX Solutions ( have a hedging facility.

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    A long and short is no position, why would you
    need to do that?

  5. gkishot


    Do you have personally account with them? Did you have any problems with withdrawals? I am turned off by their method of withdrawing funds where one has to fax them the withdrawal request instead of sending it online.
  6. I have a small live account where I test strategies. I have never tried to make a withdrawal.

    I use FXCM as my main broker, I have to fax them to make withdrawals. Which brokers permit online withdrawals?

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