Does anyone know of a decent Futures course/book in Spanish?

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    Hi all,

    A friend of my wife wants to learn the basics of futures but her English is weak and my Spanish is poor. She nearly signed up for a binary options/MLM scam "iMarkets Live" after a seminar she attended (in Spanish) last week so I am trying an intervention :) Get her on to e-micros to begin so she can learn the basics.

    I found a company called "The Day Trading Academy" run by Marcello Arambile which has English/Spanish/Portuguese and seems not very dodgy but not especially good either and expensive.

    Can anyone suggest resources for a Spanish speaker to get started? Her English will improve but she has just started studying so courses/books in Spanish would be idea.

    Suggestions appreciated!
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    I see, unlike many posters, that you have made an effort to find answers. Why did you stop looking on the internet?
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    I'm still looking! :)

    My Spanish is ok for directions and ordering in a restaurant but not up to assessing anything like this.

    I'm hoping a native speaker has some advice on some resources they found useful?

    She is in her mid 50s and I genuinely believe she can become a successful trader, she has a good mind and years of experience running her own agricultural export firm, no slouch. Amazingly over 20 people signed up for that Binary Options course at the seminar she attended, she was canny enough to dodge that bullet.

    Personally I largely scalp the minis on the major indices and crude, gold etc. and I am profitable but I'm largely self-trained.

    If there is some potentially interesting school or course in Spanish someone had a good experience with, would be great to hear. It is hard to find anyone one could recommend in English, never mind Spanish :)
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    It is amazing. I find it humorous. Most of the people who signed up were shills for the sellers of the course. There are sharks everywhere. I surmise there are a few on Wall Street.
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    Was hoping to share a PDF we have that i thought was translated to Spanish but that is not the case....I can recommend using google translator and have her translate more than a few pages we have with good content and solid information:

    I am also waiting for call back re PDF in Spanish for this one:
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    Thanks, I shall review it after lunch!
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    To OP:
    I see, unlike many posters, that you have made an effort to find answers. Why did you stop looking on the internet?I'm still looking!:)
    You need to rethink how you are doing your search on the internet. Then you will get your answers. No offense but college education does not imbue their students with the ability to think critically. my guess is that with a little more effort you will find on the internet what you are looking for.
  8. Try Amazon ;)

    Análisis técnico / Technical Analysis: Operar con éxito en acciones y futuros / Trading successfully in stocks and futures (Spanish Edition)
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    You and your Spanish friend are on a long siesta, since your post above is from yesterday..:)
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    I don't get alerts for some reason on threads I make sorry, some glitch.

    I have been separating stuff from the Shineola and had to recharge the batteries and had a chance to talk to someone who was a student at that Day Trading Academy which took up the afternoon. The Cannon_trading stuff is interesting, useful info and well presented but it needs an instructor to explain it to a novice due to the language barrier in important places. Still, a good top level view of some concepts.

    I found some reviews of Spanish trading educators, similar to that Tradingschools guy who I frankly don't trust at all. However that is the state of the trading industry, even the reviews are disreputable. When I used to trade gemstones we had a saying "The closer to the mine, the more the fakes".

    That said it is not a perfect world and have to go with whats available.

    Ok this guy is making some money on TST referrals, the domain is anonymously registered in Spain via Godaddy so no illusion it is connected to the actual TST. However having spoken to the Day Trading Academy student, his opinion is that the review of them is objective and thorough.

    Now.. are the top schools actually legit or just glowingly reviewed for profit? :) His number two pick is based in Spain. I somewhat like it on the surface, need to plough through the others. I'll see if I can get someone who speaks Spanish to give me a view on this. If any Spanish speaker can give insight/opinion that would be great in the meantime.
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