does anyone know how to play brcd

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chisox, May 17, 2002.

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    please help:eek:
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    This is not my type of play, but I will take a crack for you.

    The trend is down on this stock, which means that you want to either be short or out of the stock.

    I guess the next issue is how you feel about the market as a whole. Technically I see many things that are lining up in the same way they set up in the Feb-Mar rally. So I am looking for more upside. If we get that all but the worst stocks will rise.

    If you see things differently then by all means short is the way to go, but you have to make that call.

    As for how to play it. I looked at the chart and 25 seems to be short term resistance and 20 seems to be short term support. So a shorter term trade I would look to cover a little before 20. Longer term a break of 20 down to the September lows seems reasonable.

    But given the questionable nature of the market if I just had to play this I would Sell the June 25 Call and then immediately bid on the June 27.50 Call as a hedge if you plan to trade this overnight. That way you have some give on the trade and time decay is in your favor.
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    I've found it one of the hardest. I leave it alone now.
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    If you have to ask, you shouldn't be playing it. :cool: There's too many other stocks that are easier and will keep you sane. Of course I'm reminded of the old joke:
    Q: How do porcupines do it?
    A: Very carefully...
  5. I agree this stock has been a little choppy lately, but it has given some nice signals for scalps the past couple of weeks. First of all I would only play this in scalp ranges, meaning your probably not going to get a .80 + run; just be nimble in general. Also if you go long against a declining trend your just looking for trouble. Stick with high % trades that cofirm the trend. For example, today 2:20 - 2:30est, BRCD clearly faded this futures pop. It was only good for a maximum of .30, but you don't really know that getting in.
    Be aware of the previous day's ranges as well.
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    there is an ax (arca) that was far worse than any experience of trading nvda or qlgc..every single defense or breakout of cash or futures, even with multiple confirmation,, this guy would take the opportunity to rip it the other way. Ive never seen anything like it.
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    Trading a stock like BRCD is for those who follow rules and guidelines with great discipline. Those rules suggest the following.

    1. You must be 18 to trade this stock
    2. You must be younger than 21 to trade this stock
    3. Do not trade BRCD with your mouth full.
    4. Do not trade BRCD on margin.
    5. Do not trade BRCD remotely.
    6. Do not trade BRCD at a prop firm.
    7. Do not make a market in BRCD.
    8. Do not Buy BRCD at 100 and hold.
    9. Do not Buy BRCD at 50 and hold.
    10. Do not buy BRCD at 22 and pray.

    And the most important rule:

    11. If you trade BRCD don't run back crying to mama. You have been warned :)

    Seriously though, what do you mean by "does anyone know how to play it...?" You can play it either long or short or flat. There is no other way to play it that I know of, but maybe someone will correct me on this one.

    sorry for being silly. It's Friday. I apologize in advance should I have hurt your feelings.


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    It wasn't me today, I swear :)

    Love them ARCA reserve orders unless someone else uses them in the other direction...
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    no ones crying, just wandering..note my second post you dope
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    Hmmm, were you wondering about wandering or were you wandering while you were wondering? :D ( is Friday)
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