Does anyone know any books on starting your own investment business

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by iamatrader, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. I am looking for information on setting up an investment company (how to rasie money/investment etc.). Ofcourse I have come across plenty of books on starting a business but none specifically on investment management business.

    Does anyone know of any books with this type of information?
    Thank you!
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    Looks like there is a bubble in start your own hedge fund books.
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    For starters, you would need Series 65 License and then registration with your state's securities commission. If you want to sell services to neighbouring states then need registration with them also. Some states would let you have upto 5 clients without requiring a registration, but please check in detail. Advisors with more than $25M need to get registered with the SEC in Washington DC. Regarding hedge fund startup talk to some securities attorney or call SEC and they might send you some information.
  5. How is a series 65 different from series 7?
  6. The lines are starting to get fuzzy because of the big debate going on between investment advisors and broker/dealers, but...

    In short, the 65 makes you an IA Representative. You are then technically FEE-BASED. You don't earn commissions.

    The 7 makes you a Broker/Dealer. You would mainly make a commission on each sale.

    Word of advice....DON'T ask which is better unless you want to open a big can of worms.