Does anyone know an EXCEL datafeed provider for live intraday futures data (15 min, 90min, daily)

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  1. I'm looking for something like an RTD feed for excel that can give me the most recent OHLC bar data for whatever timeframe I specify such as 15 min, 90 min, daily. This is for futures products. Doesn't matter if its free or paid, just looking for a reliable feed.

    My plan is to take the most recent OHLC data for those timeframes I specified and paste it to the next available row using a vba macro i wrote so I can build up the intraday bar chart history. I already have coded this part out but ideally if the datafeed supplier has some kind of settings that can do that automatically than all the better since my code might break down.

    This is for a live trading system so I am not looking for something that can just pull up the last 100 bars historical data, as that won't work for me.

    Does anyone know any reliable suppliers/systems to build something like this? Thanks
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    xtrader has this capability. Just google a broker they offers xtrader.
  3. I use TT and they don't have this functionality they only have live RTD links with daily Open, High, Low and Last Price. I'm looking for OHLC for the last 15 min bar for example
  4. Rithmic's R|Trader Pro can stream OHLC data to Excel, the timeframe being that of the selected chart. So for example, for a 1 minute chart, after a minute the corresponding OHLC is printed in row N, and at the end of another minute a new OHLC is printed in row N+1 etc.

    Not sure if that's what you want, but there you have it. A couple of links I dug up :
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  5. Thanks I will look into that, I also have interactive brokers if anyone knows if IB can do something similar to that rithmic R
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  7. As much as i want to help with this it begs the question of why? why would someone help their competition so easily
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    What about building the 15 minute intervals in ADL with Analytics block and then exporting the data from Autotrader into Excel?

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    [/QUOTE] this guy is going to suck half the alpha out of CME. Why the #$## did you help the OP?
  10. this guy is going to suck half the alpha out of CME. Why the #$## did you help the OP?[/QUOTE]
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