Does anyone know a good program

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  1. for tracking my trading performance?

    I have over 350 trades I want to enter into a system and get the numbers.

    Thanks in advance
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    Which numbers do you want to get?
  3. I want to have a program that I can enter past and present trades in and have a read out of my % gains,losses,AVG trade performance etc...

    I am a newbie and have been writing all my tardes down on a piece of paper and my trading has been getting better and better so any program that could help show my performance would be great.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Sounds like you need basic math functions Excel will provide. I doubt anyone is going to write a dedicated program to handle what can easily be done in a spreadsheet database.


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  6. You can download the trading book from my website at:

    You may have to change some of the equations as they are for options trades. If you are serious about trading knowing Excel should be part of your skill set. You'll need it for many more things than you realize. Also there is an interesting script over at Wealth-Lab which will plot your discretionary trades on a chart and allow you to manipulate them a bit.

    Best of luck.
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    Actually, I have been working on a program that does just what you are looking for. It is still in its early stages, but it is fully functional. You can get a demo copy of the program at You will have to fill out the form but that just allow me to keep the programs users informed with the latest updates.

    The program might not be what you are looking for to do the historical look up because I have not yet add a import feature. But the design will allow you to better manage all your future trades. The key to the program is that is will take a snapshot of your desktop to capture all of your charts as you trade. That allows you to easily review your charts as well when you look over your trades.

    As I stated earlier, the program is still being developed and I am always looking for more items to add and am open to any all suggestions on ways to improve the program.
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    what is the wealthlab script called that plots the discretionary stuff?