Does anyone here trade with pennies?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Your working hypotheses with OTC stocks is that the stock will go to 0.0001 via reverse splits and serial dilutions and that the 0.1 vs 0.3 is probably the spread and even if it goes up 1000% you may not get filled when you try and exit. All stop levels will be violated at some point.

    They are much trickier to make money in than they look (at least for me).
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  2. Tim didn't actually trade stocks that were 1 penny. He traded more legit microcap companies. Those stocks were generally above $1.
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  3. lol is this what your last few dollars has come down to?
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  4. Robbie, I'm going to ask that you stop trolling certain posters threads as your sole intent seems to be to knock them off topic and insult folks.

    Once in a while, calling someone out is one thing. But you're doing it repeatedly lately.
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  5. there any reason why i shouldn't call the guy out if he continues to spew the bs that he has been posting for months?
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